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Na Tum Jaano Na Hum Movie Review

The Film: Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

P.F.H. Entertainment Ltd.'s NA TUM JAANO NA HUM, directed by Arjun Sablok, tackles a theme that's too old-fashioned.

Saif Ali Khan is Akshay. What he wants, he gets. Cool dude Akshay has decided that there are two kinds of girls � the girl you love and the girl you marry. Confident and suave, this magnetic charmer has girls falling all over him. And does he revel in it.

Hrithik Roshan is Rahul. What he wants, he never tells. Sensitive and caring, he spreads happiness wherever he goes. But locks his most intense emotions and desires deep inside his heart.

Esha Deol is Esha. What she wants, she knows. She is positive that the only thing that matters between two people is the meeting of the heart. And it does not matter if you don't meet each other at all.

In an era of cellphones, Internet and emails, the story of NA TUM JAANO NA HUM sounds ancient.

Ancient because, from start to end, the two principal characters correspond through letters, post offices and post boxes. The film is set in 2001/2002 � it talks of music videos, FM channels, fashion photography � yet, surprisingly, the lovers seem to have no clue of Internet, emails and chat rooms!

Ancient also because, till the very last scene, the woman doesn't know the name of the character she's fallen in love with. Forget what he looks like!

NA TUM JAANO NA HUM is similar to SIRF TUM (Sanjay Kapoor � Priya Gill) in that respect. But in NA TUM JAANO NA HUM, the romance stands on a shaky foundation. For, both haven't done anything for each other so as to feel so deeply in love. Which is why your heart doesn't go out for either of them.

NA TUM JAANO NA HUM has its share of poignant moments. Actually, director Arjun Sablok has handled the plot with utmost sensitivity and a couple of sequences bear testimony to the fact.

The interval point, for instance, when Esha learns of Hrithik's true intentions, is well shot. Ditto for the finale � in Canada � when Hrithik and Saif come face to face and the scene thereafter, when Hrithik flies to India to meet Esha, stand out.

Director Arjun Sablok has ensured that the film has a consistent look throughout, although a few sequences give away the fact that the film has taken a while to complete. The sets (Omung Kumar Bhandula), locales (Canada) and the overall ambience are classy. Besides, a couple of emotional sequences are sure to strike a chord.

Unfortunately, the film suffers in the most vital department � script � penned by Arjun Sablok himself. The writing leaves a lot to be desired and the screenplay does precious little to elevate the proceedings.

For instance, the emotional moments, from start to end, are between Esha and her grand-father (Alok Nath). And although the film starts with the 'Ye Betiyaan To Babul Ki Raniyaan Hain' track, Esha has no scenes with her father, mother (Moushumi Chatterjee) or even aunt (Rati Agnihotri). In fact, after a point, she doesn't share her emotions with anyone. Actually, the parents and relatives don't contribute to the story at all.

Moreover, a couple of sequences seem totally irrelevant. For instance, Achla Sachdev's character has not been explained properly. The music video bit � involving Esha and Hrithik � is amateurish. Even the sole action sequence � when Hrithik exchanges blows with eve teasers � seems forced in the goings-on. There was just no need for it!

Moreover, the film moves at a snail's pace and the essence of the love story gets diluted in the process. Another factor that goes against the film is its music (Rajesh Roshan), which is tuneful, but lacks a hit number so important in a love story. Nevertheless, two numbers could be singled out since the placement of songs is in context with the story � 'Tune Dil Se Kyoon Mujhko Pukara' and 'Jaa Sanam Mujhko Hain Pyaar Pe Aitbaar'. But 'Tum Se Mujhe' should be deleted instantly in order to speed up the goings-on.

Dialogues (Pratibha Acharya) are well worded. Cinematography (Maonj Soni) is wonderful. The background score (Raju Singh) is effective.

Hrithik Roshan does elevate a few sequences with his performance. He excels towards the latter part of the film. Saif Ali Khan is getting typecast in casanova roles. Moreover, he deserved a better introduction in this love triangle. But it is Esha Deol who surprises you with a mature performance. Although her looks are inconsistent, the youngster takes on the role with utmost sincerity and comes out with a natural performance. She has been better presented when compared to her debut film.

Moushumi Chatterjee and Rati Agnihotri are terribly wasted. Alok Nath is okay. Smita Jaykar, Anang Desai and Ashima Bhalla are adequate. Any junior artiste could've done Preeti Jhangiani's role. She disappears as you blink an eyelid.

On the whole, NA TUM JAANO NA HUM has some moments for the classes, but not much for the masses. At the ticket window, the clash of two biggies (NA TUM JAANO NA HUM and AB KE BARAS) in the same week will eat into each other's pie.


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