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Kya Dil Ne Kaha Movie Review

The Film: Kya Dil Ne Kaha
Director, Writer & Lyricist: Sanjay Chhel
Producer: G.A. Seshagiri Rao
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Cinematographer: Madhu Ambat
Cast: Esha Deol, Tushar Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Neena Kulkarni, Ashok Saraf, Dilip Thadeswar, Rajesh Khanna, Smita Jaykar
Score: �

Miserable, sad, pathetic...we can go on - this movie can get you into a really bad mood like it did to me. Skip this review as you will be wasting time reading about a movie which lack substance. I read somewhere that this film was a remake of some South film - but when you don�t have any story here then what inspiration you drive from any other flick.

Rahul (Tusshar), a rebellious youngster living and brought up in New Zealand, meets Esha (Esha Deol) in college. Amidst the pranks played in college campus and canteen, their friendship blossoms into love and that happens in just five minutes! Both start liking each other and you are suffered to suffocation with the on screen romance of the couple which goes on till the 1st half.

However, Rahul has a different outlook towards life. He has his own set morals and wants to live life his way. On the other hand, Esha is modern in her thoughts, but is a true Indian at heart. Rahul starts behaving in a very odd manner - one fails to understand why suddenly he looks and talks like a psycho.

Rahul has witnessed a stormy relationship between his parents (Rajesh Khanna, Smita Jaykar), while Esha has been brought up in a close knit joint family by her parents (Raj Babbar, Neena Kulkarni).

Both the families endorse their relationship and welcome the marriage proposal. But Rahul announces that he is not prepared to marry Esha under any circumstances.

Rahul reveals his views and reasons about the futility of marriage. Thus begins the clash between Rahul and Esha's ideals. Two different viewpoints emerge. Rahul believes in live-in relationship which is not accepted by Esha.

The only plus point of this movie is the music by Himesh Reshammiya and the choreography given by Umesh Jadhav for songs like �Piya� and �Nikamma,�

On the acting front non-impress except for Ashok Saraf. There is one good scene where Tushar says Hindi films are vulgar! To prove it he asks Esha to add �khatiya par� to any Bolly film name (try it out it works!).

The sensitivity of the topic is completely lost here, most of the emotional scenes and the climax scenes have no impact.

Dont even rent a pirated CD/DVD of this film...stay away from this film.


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