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Esha Deol Interview

The daughter of one of the successful real and reel life screen pairs Dharmendra and Hema Malini, Esha Deol, is all set to step into tinsel town with Boney Kapoor's Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche. She has her Mom's dainty looks and her Dad's effervescence. While Esha is wrapping up the shooting for her debut film, we pin her down for a short chit chat...

Did you always want to be an actress?
I only knew that I would want to act one day and command the same kind of respect other stars get from people. I guess it is my love for the acting career that has brought me here.

Were your parents game?
Mom respected my decision. But Papa was not very forthcoming. He didn't want me to join films. He is getting used to the idea now and keeps advising me on how I should be careful of people in the industry.

What is your role in Boney Kapoor's Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche?
I play a girl who has had a traumatic past because of which she is quite introvertish. The film shows how her life is affected after the bad experience. Unlike my other films I had to underplay my character in KMDSP, which was very tough.

Do you think this is the right launch film for you?
This is definitely the right launch pad for me since my mom has decided that. I guess she knows best what is good for me. Personally, I feel that there could not have been a better debut. It is a very different kind of subject, not the usual fluffy film, and therefore a tough role to play for a newcomer like me.

How was it from the first day of your shooting till the last day?
I have grown each day. I have learnt so much more which I realise at the completion of the film. I guess I will continue to learn till the last day of my acting career.

What about Aftab, your co-star?
He is fabulous to work with. Since we are of the same age, it was real fun. He was very co-operative as a co-star.

Does negative publicity and controversy unnerve you?
I don't bother. One should ignore such things, and I prefer focussing on my career rather than give clarifications trying to justify myself.

How do you handle comparisons to your mother?
That is bound to be there. I just can't help it. I am taking it very lightly. I know I have to face it. I have given my best in the film. Now let the audience and the media judge and decide. I have her genes so, I guess, some mannerisms are bound to be similar. But we are very different from each other; she is more controlled while I am more fun loving.

You have a classical dance background...
Yes, I have trained in Odissi, which is a classical form of dancing. A classical dance background helps bring more grace to the filmi dances. I guess I am getting more comfortable doing those jhatak-matak numbers.

When will we see your mother and you together in a film?
Working with Mom would be a dream come true. Hopefully, you will hear about it in the very near future.


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